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Add found items here with information after checking to make sure they are not in the color code lists:

Need lore for this bow, Nholan has the only one I know of:

&c&x040110110a &y&x110130070bow &x040110110made from the &-w5spine &c&x040110110of a &C&x070120140water &C&x070120140creature&n

a bow made from the spine of a water creature

Need colors for this handaxe

Object '&c&K&x100120100a &w&x080120080handaxe &K&x100120100with a &w&x080120080sharp&K&x10012010, &r&x140020020red &w&x080120080edge&n', Item type: WEAPON

Item is 1: NOBITS
Item is 2: NOBITS
Value: 100, Item Level: 27
Racial size: all sizes
Damage: 37-69 for an average per-hit damage of 53.0.
Can affect you as :
Affects: DAM By 27
Affects: DEX By 27

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